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Self Storage For New Couples, Newlyweds moving in together

If you’re getting married soon of moving in together, first things first, a big congratulations to you both and wishing you all the best! These are exciting times filled with unforgettable memories and crazy adventures.

If you’ve lived together before, you may have already mastered the art of combining two households into one. If not, you’re in for a new experience that could be challenging or fulfilling, depending on how you approach it. So if you need help merging your items with your partner’s into your first home together, we’ve put together a simple guide to make the process as smooth as possible!

Start Home Life Minimally

The last thing any newlywed couple wants is a new home filled with items they rarely utilise, and that’s doomed to be collecting dust for years to come. This creates clutter and can lead to a chaotic living space and even strain your relationship. To begin your journey together in a home that’s organised peaceful and balanced – it’s best to go through your belongings and decide which items you use, which items you love, and which items you don’t need.

To make this process as effective as possible, look at each item individually instead of a whole unit or collection. This will give you a better idea of what you actually need versus what’s taking up space. For example, by bringing an entire book collection to your new home, you may be filling up space with dozens of books you don’t plan on reading. Although this stage can be challenging, and you both may have to let go of things you’re attached to, remember the end goal is to save space for items that are worth it, so you have a harmonious home.

You have double of everything, time for storage

By combining two homes into one, you’re often left with duplicate items – this is especially true for essential household appliances, equipment and furniture. Not many people need doubles of kettles, vacuums, pot sets, and lounge suites. It’s best to identify the duplicates before you move to save time, energy and money. The easiest way to approach this is to keep the newest and nicest of each pair and donate, sell or recycle the extras.

Communication, compromise and a common goal

While you’re shortlisting your belongings, communicate with your partner and let them know how you envision the space to be, so you both keep useful things and complement the look and feel of your home. During the process, you may feel personally attacked if your partner rejects an item that you value or vice versa. To prevent an argument, talk to each other and let your partner know the item’s invaluable history so they can understand why it means so much to you. At the same time, offer your partner the same understanding and don’t forget that you’re creating a space that you both will love for a happy future together. It’s all about communication, compromise and working towards a common goal.

Create something special

Once you’ve both decided which belongings are coming with you, it’s time for the final step –  moving it into the new home and then organising it. This can be fun in a new marriage as it’s an opportunity to merge your personal styles and create something special for you both. A great way to add you and your partner’s unique touch without the clutter is to bring around three to five items that give you comfort or a sense of home. It can be anything from your favourite throw to your partner’s favourite pot plant.

Start living together with a self storage unit

For belongings that you’re leaving behind, you can either sell them to make extra money, donate it to those in need, or recycle it if it’s not in good working condition. However, we understand that there will be items that you can’t part ways with because it‘s too valuable to you or will be used sometime in the future. Instead of cluttering your home with these things, you can take advantage of a self storage unit where your belongings will be safe, secure and protected from the elements.

Moving into a new home after tying the knot is one of the first tests of married life. It requires both partners to work together and create a home that’s organised and combines both personalities. For an effortless relocation, Need A Space can recommend a moving company to make the journey to your new home stress-free as they will pack, transport and unpack all your belongings with the utmost care! Alternatively, for longer storage options we can also offer a Free Move In Van

For everything that currently has no place in your home but still has a place in your life, contact us at Need A Space Self Storage. We offer affordable, high-quality self-storage units with the latest high tech security. Based just off the A2 between Canterbury and Faversham, easy access is assured too.  It’s a perfect resource as you embark on this new and exciting chapter as a newly married couple! To find out more, contact our family run, friendly team on 01227-751673.

How Business Owners Use Self Storage To Help Succeed.

If you’re in business, part time or full time and running a business from home, shop or office, you may be fed up of seeing stacks of boxes with your stock or paperwork strewn around. If this sounds familiar, read on to discover how a self storage unit can help you manage your business more efficiently, affordably and safely.

Keeping work and home life separate:

More people are starting online businesses and selling products on their e-commerce websites and third-party sites like Amazon, Vinted or eBay. You might have a website selling collectables or new imported items. Regardless of the goods you sell, self-storage becomes a vital part of your business plan, especially if your business is growing. The alternative is cramming inventory in every possible area of your house, which undeniably results in your home and work life colliding, leaving you feeling overwhelmed, distracted and frustrated. On the other hand, a storage unit provides enough space for your inventory, ensuring your home is free from clutter and the stress of work. It also allows you to organise better and easily get your items ready for shipment when orders roll in.  All without the ever increasing cost of renting a shop or business unit and the ever increasing associated running costs.

self storage in herne bay

Offers total security and peace of mind:

Many small businesses that are service based or specialise in selling goods know the challenge of not having a designated spot to store items. For example, if you’re a handyman or handywoman, you may find that your car gets crowded with equipment because you’re on the road, driving from one job to the next. You may even leave your tools in the car because you have no space for them at home. Although this sounds convenient, it opens up the risk of your equipment getting damaged and even stolen. To avoid this, Need A Space storage units are protected with the right security, such as 24/7 CCTV monitoring, electronic gate controls, and exterior and interior lighting.

Unbeatable affordability in times of rising costs;

If you operate from a small shop or office, renting a self storage unit is affordable and convenient. The alternative is expanding your retail space or renting warehouse storage. However, small business owners with limited stocks will likely find both options too costly and too big. The good news is if you choose to rent a self storage unit you will have enough space for inventory and other items at a fraction of the price. By keeping your stocks offsite in a convenient, cost effective and easily accessible location, your retail or office area will be kept neat, and the items you specialise in will have enough space to shine! In addition, Need A Space can offer services such as mailing addresses, logistics, van rental as well as a parcel drop off and dispatch point.

Keep your paperwork in one place:

Using a storage unit to keep all your paperwork is a smart move, especially if you don’t have space in your home. There are lots of self-employed professionals who rely heavily on client files, transactions and business reports. And while not all paperwork is meant to be kept indefinitely, much of it is. Therefore, it’s essential to have a record of all your documents. A self storage will not only keep your papers safe and secure, it can provide peace of mind if the provider you choose offers a climate controlled environment. This will protect your documents from humidity, pests and water damage.

As you can see, self-storage has evolved from just storing personal effects and seasonal items. It can now be an extension of your business and allows you to plan, organise and live better.  At Need A Space, we want to make it a little easier for you to run your business. We offer self storage units that are affordable, secure, and conveniently located just off the A2 between Canterbury & Faversham in Kent. To find out more, contact us or give us a call on 01227-751673. Our family run friendly team can arrange a site visit for you with no obligation and discuss all of our size and space options. 

How to Store Items During Home Improvements

Home Improvements are sometimes necessary or indeed desirable improvements to maintain or upgrade your home so that your home becomes more convenient, valuable, and personal to you. Planning Home Improvements can be exciting for the whole family; however, that excitement can quickly turn to dread without the proper planning. Renovations inevitably come with a lot of turmoil, disruption, and mess. You will want to steer clear of certain areas in your home during this time while still protecting your existing belongings from exposure to paint, chemicals, sawdust, and more. Therefore, it’s important that you have a plan to safeguard your furniture, supplies, and any items that can potentially be damaged.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best ways to store your items.

Move Everything Out

First, it’s essential that before you begin, you move out all of your valuable belongings and furniture out of the area undergoing improvements. Not only can things become damaged during the renovations, but people can bump into table corners, trip over items, and hurt themselves if you leave things lying around. Your renovations could be delayed and become even more costly if the builders have to constantly move around your belongings and don’t have enough space to get the job done. You will want a nice, clear area so that the renovations can proceed uninterrupted and without hiccups. Make an effort to move everything out of the area before you begin, and things will go a lot smoother. If a room being worked on has art hanging on the walls, it’s a good idea to remove that as well, since these items can fall and become damaged or hurt someone in the process.


self storage packing advice

Label Boxes for Convenience

All it takes to be organized when packing is a great marker pen and some labels and boxes.  Here at Need A Space we also sell the packaging boxes and materials. Label your boxes according to which room or category they fall into. This will make it much easier to sort through items and find what you’re looking for once the renovation is over. If you are in a tight spot for space, consider using stackable plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. This way, you can easily store bins on top of each other to save space and carry multiple bins at once, to your self storage unit.

Find a Storage Unit

Suppose you don’t have the space to store your belongings during renovations, and you don’t want to embarrass friends or family members by asking to use their space. In that case, the best option is to rent a self storage unit or container. This is a  great and affordable option, as you will be able to rest assured that your items are safe and secure, with only you having access to them. This way, all of your belongings can stay in one place during the entire renovation process, and you don’t have to worry about items going missing.

Choose Climate-Controlled Units

If you are thinking of using self storage for your renovation process, make sure the unit you choose is climate controlled or thermally insulated, as offered by Need A Space. This is ultimately for the safety and preservation of any furniture and valuable belongings you keep there. Furniture made of certain materials such as leather and wood can become discoloured, warped, and damaged if exposed to humidity or certain temperature fluctuations. Valuables such as artwork, jewellery, electronics, and certain clothing can all succumb to humidity and the outside elements if left for a long period of time. Renovations can sometimes be unpredictable as well and take longer than expected. With a climate-controlled storage unit, your belongings will be kept in pristine condition, as the unit temperature is always stable. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about delays or rush the renovation process. Good things take time, and it’s important to prepare for such flexible timelines when choosing a self storage solution during your home renovation process. Here at Need A Space we make the process even easier with all our storage units being on the ground floor level and we can even offer a free move in van for longer bookings.

Next Steps

Home Improvements can be a difficult and tumultuous time for your whole family. Fortunately, the result is usually well worth the efforts. Make the process easier for both you and your loved ones by using self storage to keep your precious belongings and expensive furniture out of the way. For more information on self storage in East Kent, please call us direct at Need A Space on 01227-751673 or contact us via this site. With our many years of self storage experience we can help you find the best and most convenient storage solution for your needs, all the while fitting within your budget.

How To Maximise Your Storage Space

Need A Space Self Storage are always ready to offer storage advice:

Self-storage can be incredibly helpful for lots of people in various situations: storing belongings whilst you’re moving home, or if you’re planning to go travelling, if your children have flown the nest but left their childhood belongings at home, students travelling between a university ‘home’ and home, or even if you need to regularly access large items, such as bikes, but you don’t have space for them at home.
However, you could end up renting a larger unit than you need or taking out several units that you don’t actually need. It’s important to learn how to pack your storage unit to make the most of your space! A question that we get asked often at Need A Space Self Storage is: how do I make maximise the space in my self-storage unit? So, we’ve created this handy guide to help you make the most of the space in your self-storage unit!

Does it Bring You Joy?
Before you move anything into storage, take the opportunity to declutter your belongings first! There’s no point in storing items that you no longer have any need for or are broken. Some Experts suggest sorting through your items and asking if it brings you joy. By sorting your belongings into piles of: to keep, to sell, to donate and to throw away, you’re reducing the amount of things that clutter your life and instead only keeping the things that bring you joy.


Plan Ahead To Help You Organise.
Store your belongings thoughtfully to save yourself future stress! Put your most frequently used items or things you’ll need access to often near the front of your self-storage unit. This will allow you to quickly access the box or item that you need without having to go through everything!
If you’re like most people, your belongings are packed in a variety of odds and ends boxes, plastic storage boxes, and bin bags. However, this means that the boxes don’t stack as well, bags might rip and it’s harder to access things when you need them! If you’re in need of some high-quality packaging supplies and storage boxes, then Need A Space offer these too.
Extra Tip: Remember to label your boxes, plus some people even create a map or a list of their belongings and where they are located to save time and stress.

Portable Shelves.
Take metal shelving to your unit to help organise the space and to make the most of the less-used vertical space. Often, if you try to stack too many boxes on top of each other, the bottom ones will eventually get crushed and crumple under the weight. Alternatively, shelving will allow you to stack boxes safely and take advantage of the height of your storage unit.

Line the Walls.
When filling your self-storage unit, if you store your belongings around the outside of the unit first, this will allow you to make the most of the space in the middle when you find that you’ve started to fill up your unit! This will also allow you to create rows or aisles of items and allow you to access them easier.

The Only Way is Up.
If you’re using your self-storage unit to storage large furniture, such as sofas, dressers, or even bedframes and mattresses, to maximise vertical space, stand these bulky items up! Lots of the higher up space of storage units gets wasted, by standing furniture this way, you can make the most of the height!
However, before you pack your furniture, ensure you have prepared your furniture first! Properly wrapping your furniture is the first step: use mattress and sofa covers and cover wooden furniture to keep items clean and dust-free. We ofer these too.
If you’re ready to move your belongings into storage, why not see how our friendly team here at Need A Space Self Storage can help.

From Packing Materials to Free Move In Vans for longer term bookings, we have all sorts of ways we can assist you.

Discover more, contact our family run friendly team at Need A Space on: 01227 751673.

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