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Top uses for self-storage in business and residential

self storageStorage space in your home

Make this a priority factor for your new home. I recently made the decision to move to a new home in Anglesey. The move was a great success but there was one disappointment with our new-build house: no storage space. How could I have missed this essential asset? Probably because space is pretty boring. The kind of things which attract us to a new home are the amount of rooms, the location, how high the council tax will be, does it have double glazing, what fixtures and fittings will remain etc. Because storage space is all about those things that stay out of sight, its only when there is nowhere to put the unsightly-rarely used stuff that they really become a great problem!

Moving home

Always a stressful and longwinded activity, self-storage can offer that extra solution when there is either an overflow of furniture in your new home or, if you need to keep some of your furniture from your previous home temporarily – self-storage is flexible enough.

Business self-storage

As a business owner, your greatest investment is likely to be in stocking your product. You will also perhaps need a store for office equipment when it is needed. If your business is thriving and growing but not yet ready for new premises you need to free up space to make room for your expansion. If your business is seasonal or if you are a salesman travelling with a large itinerary, a place to keep all your assets is essential.

The travellers’ piece of mind

If you are the kind of person who loves travelling, then you need to know that your valuables will be safe when you get back. A great benefit of the self-storage route is you know your precious assets will be secure under more than just a front door key.

Security and flexibility while learning

Students (and sometimes teachers) have to deal with terms, half-terms and holidays. While they may rent their accommodation when studying away from home, they are likely to be needing to store their valuables when they return home.

Time to de-clutter!

And what better than a spring clean? As the family grows and there are more hungry mouths at the table it often seems like space is at a premium.  We have all been in that frustrating situation where you can’t open a cupboard door without everything falling out of it – and half of the stuff in there you never use anyway! Time to move the useless stuff out so you can start functioning again.


Downsizing has become the trend – especially later on in life – so self-storage is the perfect solution to ensuring that you can still hang on to those most precious things you hold most dear.

The list is endless. Whatever the reason you need that little bit of extra space – self -storage can provide the answer and at a price you can afford. It is flexible to allow access at any time and offers the kind of security that gives you peace of mind. To learn more about Need A Space based in Faversham in Kent click here


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Archive business documents safely

archiveStoring documents that need to be archived in your busy office can often lead to chaos and inefficient business processes. At the same time, they can prevent your business growing. For instance, using rented business space in order to store archive material can be a poor way to make the most use of your assets – high rent on business assets, such as buildings, can sometimes be better used for the active business processes.

If there is insufficient storage within your organisation, you may want to consider self-storage facilities in your area. Here at Need A Space in Canterbury Kent we offer storage space for both business and domestic needs. But what is the best way to store those infuriating but precious pieces of paper?

Top tips for archiving your documents

  • Store for easy access: Some documents will need to be kept simply for legislative reasons (I.e. for tax purposes you need to hold on to business account information for 5 years) but there will be some documents that you may need to find for current activities. Load these boxes last so they are stored at the front and easy for access.
  • Protect against long term damage: Mould can grow quickly and cause damage. Keeping things dry from the start is the best way to avoid damage so whichever self-storage provider you use, ensure the unit will be dry.
  • Security: Check with your self-storage provider to find out what security provisions are in place. Many business documents and records are confidential and need to be private. Need A Space offer CCTV, a perimeter fence, high-security infra-red beams and state of the art alarm systems.
  • Label boxes.As well as easy access you need to know where each and every document is. So however short of time you may be, have a clear labelling system.
  • Office filing system: It is often useful to use an office filing system twinned with the labelling system you use at the self – storage outlet. For instance, labelling a box by a number and then put the relevant details on an excel sheet which is easily accessible in the office.
  • Be cost effective: Always find a self-storage unit close to your office for obvious reasons, but in some cases (especially with documents which need to be archived for long periods and do not necessarily need frequent access) consider storing outside of your location. For instance, London prices are high, but by storing down here in Kent you could make quite a saving.


Based in the heart of Kent, and situated on the outskirts of Faversham and Canterbury, Need A Space is conveniently located for both local county and South London clients. Looking for storage space in Faversham Canterbury or Herne Bay? To learn more about how Need A Space self-storage can help businesses in Kent and the London area click here






Save space - enhance work processes

spaceWorking in a cluttered atmosphere not only hampers work processes it can also be psychologically demotivating for your staff as well. When you find yourself wasting precious time looking for important documents while tripping over obsolete equipment you know there is something wrong. And any good manager knows that unless you deal with bad practices it will not be long before profits and brand suffer.

Space can come at a premium cost for a thriving company and if that asset is not dealt with appropriately, that tiny window where the company can take advantage of quick growth and higher revenue, can unfortunately be lost forever. Here at Need A Space in Kent we like to think we have the perfect solution for small to medium businesses who need that extra bit of space to keep processes up to standard and make room for a better future.

Self-storage is a cost-effective way to store business items safely, so they are always accessible. We pride ourselves on the amount of businesses we have helped take themselves up to that next level. It’s very rewarding. However, we are also aware that our customers and clients need to be using their workspace efficiently before putting out extra money for storage. So, with that in mind, let’s lookout some top tips for maximising space in the office.

1. Get everyone on board: You need to set time aside for both you and the staff to brainstorm the best way to declutter and look at new ways to store. The message needs to be clear that this is not just a nice break from usual processes but essential activity to allow the company to continue at current levels.

2. Consider multi-storage furniture: This really maximises office space. Desks with built in draws and shelves can also be used for stationery and storage.

3. Are you using those blank walls? Walls tend to go unnoticed in the grand scheme of things. They are just there. But can they be used for storage? Adding shelves to unused wall space can be a great idea.

4. Attack that cupboard! Time to find out exactly what is in that cupboard that everyone struggles with and spends far too much time messing with. Get rid of the obsolete stuff, find a new home for the stuff that shouldn’t be in there, get new ideas for storing and replenish with the stuff that should really be in there.

5. Colours can be inspiring: working in chaos can lead to demotivated staff, bad practices and poor outcomes. Choosing light and neutral colours for floors and walls can make an office seem open and plentiful. Stay away from dark colours!

Need self-storage in Kent to enhance work processes, store little used equipment and essential documents at highly competitive rates? We would love to hear from you! Give us a call on 01227 751673 for a quote.

How Need A Space offer the most cost-effective self-storage

self-storageHere at Need A Space, like any other business, our assets are very important to us. And one of our biggest assets is the fundamental housing units which allow you, as a customer to store either your precious valuables or your business overflow – the containers.

Are containers just used for storage?

It is a misconception that containers can just be used for storage. On the contrary they have many different uses. For instance:

  • Press Boxes (at events where space could be limited)
  • Fire and Military Training Facilities
  • Artist Studios
  • Mobile Medical Clinics
  • Recording Studios

Two types of containers in the logistics industry

There are actually two types of container – a shipping container and a storage container. Both more or less do as their names may suggest. A shipping container is a standard size and usually bought by a company in order to transport their products over long distances – nationally and internationally. They have to be very robust to be used at sea and usually have a shipping life of up to 15 years. It is after this time they are often used as a static accessory. i.e. as a storage container (and then enjoy a further life of 15 to 20 years).

However, after saying all of that, our clients are looking for space to put their precious valuables. They need containers which are going to be used for storage. That is what we provide. A storage container is available in a wide range of sizes and can be used for the storage of residential items or commercial goods.

Why we rent containers and never sell

Our business at Need A Space has thrived by always putting our customers first. The services we offer are not only cost -effective but most importantly our services are aimed precisely at maximising client satisfaction. In order to do this, we get to understand our prospective customers and also the most appropriate way they can access the products and services we make available. This is how we take the extra expense of storage space away.  We never sell containers – we rent them. Our customers and clients wish to rent storage space for a defined period of time. This is all we charge. In this way, our customers do not have to invest in the huge cost of a container – they simply pay for the space they need.

OK so if you need to rent storage space then you will want total bang for your buck. Let’s take a look at what benefits you will get when you decide to use our services here in Canterbury:

  • 40, 000 square feet of clean secure, low cost self-storage facilities
  • Friendly staff available for assistance and advice
  • Unbeatable security which includes, CCTV, high security infrared beams, state of the art alarm systems and perimeter fencing.
  • Packaging on site available and for free delivery from our website
  • Free assisted forklift truck service
  • Free van use (Terms apply)
  • Increase or decrease the size of your storage unit whenever you like – no penalty.

For further information call us on 01227 751 673, email us on info@needaspace.co.uk or fill in our contact form







Working from home could save space and money for your business

workingfromhomeWe can all get too familiar with the work environment we work in. At best, it makes it cosy and safe and it allows us to work at least without having to deal with the stresses of navigating new office boundaries or searching out exactly where they keep the paper-clips now. But the downside is, especially for management, there is a failure to consistently make the most of the space available to employees. In order for there to be a healthy work place, company growth and the most made of a restricted budget, there is a need for constant monitoring of how daily processes take place.

In the 21st century, how and where we work is constantly changing. Technology and instant communications is freeing us from the restrictions of the office and more people are working from home. According to statistics released by the Office for National Statistics, between 1998 and 2014, the number of people working from home has doubled. Some employees (mostly self-employed professionals) work totally from home, but there has been a real rise in employees sharing work time between the office and from home.

Streamlining work processes

This has streamlined office processes in a great many ways, but most of all it has effectively reduced overall company costs. At the same time, as making processes more effective, it is also making the office environment more acceptable. With more space available, offices are calmer, more relaxed, and meet health and safety standards easily.

It also means company management can also consider how that space is freed up further. Is there in fact, a need for an office at all? The “digital cloud” has become a part of everyday processes in businesses just like the fax machine was in the eighties. Now, along with the fact that employees have the necessary technology in their own homes, documents which would normally be kept as hard copy can actually be filed away seamlessly in hyperspace. The need for huge office space is reducing and with this, the cost of rent and associated costs can be removed.

Time to get out?

However, there is still a need for documents which need archiving. There is still a need to store assets which will be sold in the future, there is a need to store seasonal assets or assets which are used on an infrequent basis. At this point company owners take a deep sigh and decide the rent for that huge building just isn’t going to go away.

But think again. Another new service which is now highly popular for businesses is self-storage. Now you can store the smaller assets and assets you wish to archive in a lock up unit that could cost a tenth of renting a building and force you to re-visit overall business costs.

Do yourself a favour – be honest with yourself – how much money is being wasted on a daily basis at your office?

Looking for storage space in Faversham Canterbury or Herne Bay? To learn more about how Need A Space self-storage can help businesses in Kent and the London area click here


Moving home? Save money and reduce stress!

moving homeMoving home can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling things you ever do. But with all the logistics, professionals involved, and transfer of high finances it can also be the most stressful. Some say it is the most stressful action you will ever take. So let’s put a cap on that! We have put together essential tips to make that move just a little bit easier.


An appropriate conveyancing lawyer



  • The legal complexities involved when moving home can be an absolute nightmare. Add to that your most precious financial asset (your home) and the value of your family’s future and it is clear you do not want to be doing this alone whatever cost it will be saving you. Ensure you have obtained a reputable conveyancing lawyer. You can find an appropriate lawyer at the Solicitors Regulation authority or the Council of Licensed Conveyancers.


Budget for the whole process


  • Moving house can be an expensive time and you do not want to be faced with any shock fees half way through the process. It is therefore a good idea to calculate expected expenses at the outset so you can budget properly. Sit down with your Conveyancing lawyer and go through those expected out-goings. Create an on-going excel sheet that highlights monies that are spent and when fees need to be paid.


Self –storage services to help moving


  • One of the most common stresses of moving home is when you are caught in a property chain. Moving into your new home maybe delayed even though you have sold your own home. In these kinds of circumstances you may need to consider storage facilities. Self-storage services allow you to place your valuables at a reduced cost.


Don’t pack last minute


  • Allow yourself time to pack your belongings when it is time to go – don’t make it a last minute project. You will just want to take the possessions you value and need, so use this time to have a purge on what you have. Try to categorise as you store in boxes (for instance kitchen utensils together; lounge ornaments together; bathroom towels together) and label the boxes – it will make unpacking a great deal simpler.


Expect the worst


  • There are likely to be many people involved in your move and they will all have their own unique goals so don’t expect things to happen as smoothly. Tell yourself from the start there are likely to be delays, disappointments and time changes. This way you will be emotionally ready to deal patiently if things go wrong.


Do you know where you’re going to?


  • Moving home can be a long-winded affair. Use that time to get to know your new neighbourhood. The moving day will be very exciting but it will also be quite a transition if you haven’t already put out some feelers. Find out where the closest shops are, where the nearest pub is (spend some nights there!) and let people know you will soon be moving to the area.


The Most important box


  • On the day you move you and your family are going to need to survive when all your possessions are still in boxes. So the most important box you pack is going to be the last one you put in the removals van (so it is easiest to get to). This should contain necessary items that will get you and your family through the day unscathed, such as toiletries, phone chargers, bottles of water, snacks and provisions for hot drinks. It is important to have easy access to the supplies that will keep you well-fed and hydrated on this busy day, and that you have everything readily available so you can fall straight into bed at the end of it.



Need A Space is a self-storage facility based in Canterbury which offers secure storage for people moving home. You can use our Space estimator so you can get a clear idea as to how much space you will need. Let’s start as we mean to go on by saving money! We can help with transport by providing free van hire and you will be welcomed by our friendly staff. CCTV and high security infra-red beams makes sure that your valuables are absolutely safe.  To learn more click here



Kent welcomes the summer!

kentHere at Need A Space self-storage we love Kent and we think our customers should be aware of all the great things going on in the summer. Luckily when we are not working we can enjoy the delights and thrills of some major towns down here in the south east of England.

All tourist attractions, Herne bay, Faversham Whitstable and Canterbury all offer that historical dynamic which allows visitors and holiday makers to get lost in the cobble stones and culture of olde-worlde Britain and enjoy all the modern trappings of good food, live music, and a delightful welcome. We like to get on top of what’s going on in and around us so they can enjoy the towns as much as we do when they are here visiting our self-storage units!


And of course, Canterbury needs no introduction. Thanks to the magnificent Cathedral, stunning university, Tudor houses and shopping areas, visitors to the city can find themselves walking in a medieval world at the same time as being able to access all their needs and trendy cultural stuff super-easy. As may be expected Canterbury comes to life in the summer and there is a lot going on – so let’s have a look!

Following closely on the heels of Glastonbury (and wasn’t that a success!), Canterbury Cathedral is hosting its own extraordinary musical event. Themed as a “Summer Party Night” on the 5th July, lucky participants can enjoy the wonders of the historical backdrop while listening to high-profile local band “Soul and partaking in a whole lot of fine food and drink to brighten the evening.

More sporty than musically minded? No worries. Kent cricket gets into its own at the beginning of July as they take on Warwickshire in the Specsavers cup at the spitfire ground, St. Lawrence.

Learn more: https://www.canterbury.co.uk/events


There are tons of fun things to do in neighbouring Whitstable. Apart from it being such a famous scenic seaside town in its own right, if you have sea legs, then don’t miss out on a trip on the Greta Barge. Originally built in the late 19th century, stepping on this old working ship will transport you back over 100 years!

Learn more: https://www.facebook.com/whatsonwhitstable/


Faversham offers just about everything a family could wish for – from arts and music and exhibitions to markets, fairs and fetes to walks, rides and tours. With great places to partake of local fayre, you can enjoy the nautical festival on 06th and 7th July or the Faversham beer festival on the 26th to the 28th July.

Learn more: https://www.faversham.org/event-category/festivals

Herne bay

Herne bay has a selection of music, craft markets, pier events and theatre events to choose from. On 5th July you can get to see local band Hullabaloo in the theatre in the Park; then there’s the Herne Bay bandstand gift and craft market on 6th July; and why not sit back and enjoy the smooth music of the fabulous lounge Swingers in the evening of the 6th – on the pier!

Learn more: http://baypromoteam.co.uk/herne-bay-events/

This is only a taster but remember if you live outside of the area and you have units with Need A Space self-storage, don’t think of your visit as tedious work. Why not make a day of it and enjoy a real day out in Kent!



How self-storage can boost your business

self-storageAt Need A Space we provide self-storage both for domestic users and businesses. And its business we want t concentrate on here. We know from the feedback of our customers that offering our self-storage service has a knock-on effect in organizational processes. It’s not just about finding that extra bit of space at competitive rates – this is about streamlining internal systems in order to save money, time and create exciting new opportunities.

How does this happen?


An invisible evil


For many businesses, space can be an invisible evil that insidiously drains time and money. If not properly attended to, a misuse of space can waste physical assets and processes. For instance, a room that is full of archived material could be used as an extra meeting room or an extension which streamlines in-house systems.  When a room is left idle because systems are not picking up on how that room is being used, it is money flying out of the window.


London based


Here in Kent we can offer London firms an extra facility. Self-storage in our capital city is going to be expensive. Based in Canterbury, but also close enough to London, we can offer organisations a big reduction in cost when storing business valuables and commodities and easy access.


Seasonal issues


Companies which have a seasonal element to their work often store commodities, tools and paraphernalia at their own depots or offices. This can often create a great strain on useable assets. Space used to store could perhaps be used in a better way for current processes and seasonal activities. A self-storage facility enables management to re-direct some of those overflow materials to a place where they can be held and accessed easily when the time is right.




Everyday salespeople often have to transport a great deal of presentation materials when they are on the road. There will often be a need to chop and change what they are transporting in relation to the pitch they are making. They may also be visiting different catchment areas. Self-storage allows equipment to be kept in different catchment areas and offer easy access to specific materials at the beginning of the day.


Internet companies


E commerce is so big now, and as small businesses thrive and become bigger businesses there is clearly a need for storage for stock outside of everyday processes. Need A Space offers great storage facilities to help you keep control of that overflow stock.


Looking for storage space in Faversham Canterbury or Herne Bay? To learn more about how Need A Space self-storage can help businesses in Kent and the London area click here






How students can streamline transient lifestyles and save money

studentSchooldays are not always the best days of your life. It can be a bit like marmite – some of us will look back contentedly chuckling over gentle memories of a world long gone. For others, school years are a time of trauma and any memories are best forgotten. A lot of this may be down to the fact that we have no choice as to whether we go to school or not.  On the other hand, our colleges and universities are full of young people who had a choice and decided to continue with their education -they have control over their futures, and this can be an exciting time. Student life tends to be a be a time when we first taste real freedom, enjoy make decisions for ourselves and enjoy a more bohemian and more casual lifestyle.

However, this is a time when so many skills have to be learnt. The student needs to learn very quickly how to live on a budget, how to deal with the ups and downs of living away from home, deciding when to work and when to play, making new friends and looking after a new home – whatever that property may be.

With all of that, the life of a student can be quite transient. Do you go home at the holidays (of which there will be many in a traditional term year) – or do you stay near campus? One of the factors which may determine whether you travel or not is the fact that you now have valuable and utility possessions at either end of your journey. The idea of leaving your valuables and useful possessions behind you may prevent you making that trip. But there is another option which may just make things a great deal easier for you.

Self-storage in Kent to the rescue

Self-storage is one of those services which has risen up over the last 10 years and makes the problem of keeping your valuables safe while travelling from place to place an absolute doddle.

Need A Space is a self-storage facility based in Canterbury which offers storage for students. Now you can leave your valuables in a secure place at highly competitive prices while you are away from college and visiting the family or tripping the high seas. CCTV and high security infra-red beams makes sure that your valuables are absolutely safe.

We can help with transport by providing free van hire and you will be welcomed by our friendly staff. We can provide packaging tools and to help cut costs further, groups of students can easily store their valuables in one place together.

To learn more and discuss with our support team, contact Need A Space on 01227 751673. We look forward to hearing from you!

Save money by making the most from self-storage

Self-storage really can offer great ways to store your domestic valuables and business assets at ridiculously low prices. And it is all so easy. Just find a storage provider near you, rent out a unit, fill it up and relax. That’s it. The self-storage company will keep it safe and accessible for when you need to get to your stuff again.

Ok that’s easy, but there are ways to make the storage process even more streamlined and in the long run – save even more money. Take a look at our clever ideas for making more room in your unit, store your valuables safely and make the best of what is open to you:

  1. First of all, a cardboard box may seem boring, but they are not all the same. The cheaper cardboard boxes, or the ones you are likely to get free from supermarkets tend to be very weak. They will crush easily and so will not protect your valuables well -especially if they are going to be stacked. Invest in double strength cardboard boxes. They are more resilient and longer lasting too. Think about the size of the box. You may be able to get more in a big box but heavy boxes are difficult to carry and move around. Smaller boxes are easier to transport and easier to stack.


  1. You may be storing temporarily or for long-term. Either way it is likely you may need access to some of your storage sometime. So organise your storage. Try to keep to certain categories in each box and label what each box contains. Divide up your unit space so that certain categories can be found easily. Leave an aisle between your valuables so everything is accessible and keep a map of where categories can be found.


  1. Us the storage space you already have. If you have luggage, or dressers and wardrobes with drawers, use this space to store your smaller valuables.


  1. Nowadays most furniture can be disassembled to a degree. This can really offer a great deal more space in your unit. But be careful. When they were originally assembled you had a manual. Now you have to rely on common sense. Keeping a disassembly cheat sheet is essential. Don’t forget to keep screws bolts and nuts somewhere safe.


  1. Blankets, sheets and cloths can take up a lot of space. Vacuum bags keep your belongings neat and tidy and also very flat – therefore creating much more room. Your valuables are also now protected from dust and damp.


Whatever the reason you need that little bit of extra space – self -storage can provide the answer and at a price you can afford. It is flexible to allow access at any time and offers the kind of security that gives you peace of mind. To learn more about Need A Space based in Faversham in Kent click here


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