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Happy & Healthy New Year 2022, now it's time for those resolutions.

Bear with me here for the start of 2022!  After what is approaching 2 years living with Covid, many of us have been working from home or at the very least had much more time at home with family. As we often hear, overwhelmed with clutter and those extra items that a life at home has added.

When the New Year’s resolutions have been made following those last festive season celebrations, don’t leave that crammed spare room or garage off your list! January is notoriously the month when we clean up our eating, sort out our cupboards, and turn over that new calendar to January 2022! It’s the moment many of us think of every time we say, “If I could just get through the holidays!”

January, as always, is perfect for new beginnings. You can aim to be anything you want to be in 2022. It’s a new year! Many of us set a rigorous schedule and commit to spending more time with family. The Christmas decorations in all their glory get cleaned up, and each year you might say to yourself, “I’m going to put the decorations away in a nice, orderly fashion this time. This is the new me!”

As your storage items and gifts at home return to a jam-packed state due to housing your holiday decorations, you flop on the sofa, glance over at where the tree once stood, and say, “Well….at least that area is better. What a clean, fresh start!” At that moment right there, stop and think.

What if your entire home could have less stuff in it? What if one of your New Year’s resolutions were to minimize the clutter? Sure, mail will keep coming through the door everyday, and needs to be sorted , but what if your partner’s forgotten purchases were not in the corner of your bedroom piling up with stuff on top? Would you have less clutter?  Or the chest of drawers unused, you took two days to sand that 100-year-old relic two summers ago… but now, it’s become a flat surface where everything from hair products to to-do lists have piled up. You find yourself never using it for its intended purpose. Well, you’d hate to get rid of it! Your late Aunt would never forgive you.


self storage

Have you considered self storage? 

What if you rented a small, secure unit and considered putting a lot of things you cherish in there? You could simply drive up to A Need A Space storage unit, and carefully place those items in the far, back right corner of your storage unit (covered with moving blanket or wrapped in shrink wrap for additional protection). No harm, no problem. Think about what else could go in there. In an effort to conquer your New Year’s resolution to simplify, you could take the older toys out of the playroom, and have plenty of space for the new ones. No need to donate them right now. Hey, someday you’ll have grandkids who will want to play with those old toys. They may even be valuable collectors items one day. New year, new mindset. Your kids are getting older… maybe it’s time to put some of those keepsakes in a safe place?  After all, it is the dead of winter. Spring and summer always prove to be chaotic, so getting things clean and organized now is a good idea. It’s January, what a perfect time to stay warm, busy, and burn a few calories by sorting through your stuff.

Knowing where to start, and getting motivated can sometimes be tricky, but, as it turns out, there is a lot of advice out there about becoming and staying organized. As an aside, research is even finding that living in a tidy, decluttered comfortable space could have positive benefits for your health. And January is all about your health!

What the Research Says

Research has been done that shows a correlation between the habits of people who live in a clean environment versus those who live in the chaos of clutter. The results don’t look good for those whose lives seem to be a constant mess. According to Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph.D, the “clutter effect” creates both physical and mental issues, especially when it comes to your overall energy level.

Guess what’s also common when you feel anxious due to disorganized spaces? Snacking. People actually tend to eat more when surrounded by a mess.

Sometimes, looking at a large mess is the issue, because it can be hard to know where to start. Over time, the “mental clutter” that builds up as a result of physical clutter is possibly linked to age-related memory loss. Oh my! We need to get on top of this. A new year is the perfect time to start!

Simple Steps to Conquering Your Resolution

There are several ways to begin (don’t be overwhelmed, deep breath in, and out), let’s start by making three piles.

Pile #1: Consider every item carefully. Has it served its purpose for you? Who else could find use for it? Donating your items to charity is a great idea. Place an item in this pile if this is your intent.

Pile #2. One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, or so they say. Make some extra money and get some of your clean space back at the same time by selling some of your larger items on your local Facebook Marketplace or eBay. If it could bring in some cash, place it in pile #2.

Pile #3. Consider Need A Space Self Storage. Maybe you can’t fit into your favourite old jeans, yet. No need to worry! Place those along with several other “soon to fit” items in pile #3. Place other older clothes you haven’t made a decision on, the kids’ keepsakes, and space-taking stuffed animals (along with that chest of drawers) and carefully place them in “Keepers” Pile #3.

Need A Space Self Storage Can Help

You can do this, Need A Space is here with our family run friendly team offering years of experience to assist with your storage requirements. There are many reasons to remove junk food from your life, and clutter from your home, but you don’t have to give everything away, or have a sale to enjoy a greater sense of order. With easy access just off the A2,  Need A Space Self Storage has the largest choice for self storage units in East Kent with the most competitive rates around.

What are you waiting for? Kick off January right! Store the stuff, and start enjoying the benefits of a tidy living space! Breathe easier, feel calmer, and say goodbye to the stress-inducing mess. Load up your stuff, and take a trip to Need A Space. We’ll keep your things safe with the latest high tech security, for as long as you need! Free move in vans are on offer too.

Essential Packing Supplies For Self Storage & Moving

Preparing items for storage seems straight forward, right? Well, it isn’t as easy as it seems. Unless you are not too concerned about the well-being of your belongings.

When getting stuff ready for self storage or just packing away things for the winter months. You want to ensure that you pack your items correctly and the best you can. This will help to protect your belongings from potential damage.

But what do you need to ensure you do the job properly? You’ll need the following packing supplies, as well as great packing skills. If you want to unpack your items in the same condition that you packed them away that is.

Boxes, all sizes and shapes including Wardrobe Boxes.

Probably the number 1 packing supply, you’ll need lots of good quality moving boxes. Moving boxes as well as archive boxes can come in all shapes and sizes, as well as quality. Don’t go the cheapest option when buying moving boxes. You don’t want the bottom falling out when you’re walking down the street or anywhere else.

In addition, there are standard moving boxes that are suitable for most things. Along with speciality boxes, like a wardrobe box, which is worth the extra expense.

Also ensure that you don’t pack your boxes too heavy. It’s best to make sure you’re able to safely lift them on your own. If you can’t lift them on your own, you’ve probably over-packed it.

Need A Space offer all these kinds of packing boxes at very competitive prices.

Bubble Wrap

Don’t underestimate the importance of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap will help protect your fragile and more breakable items from potential damage. Plus, it’s great for wrapping up those oddly shaped items.

In addition, try to avoid using old sheets, towels or paper as these materials will not provide the same protection as bubble wrap will.

Labelling Materials / Permanent Marker

Label your items as you pack. You want to be able to identify what’s in each box without having to sift through it. Some people may be happy with using a permanent marker to label their moving boxes and some may prefer proper moving labels It doesn’t necessarily matter how you choose to label your boxes, as long they are labelled clearly. Try to be specific where possible. ie label your archive boxes with filing contents rather than just a generic “Office”. Much easier that way when you are hunting for some car documents for example in your storage unit.

Furthermore, make sure you label your boxes on multiple sides. This will help when trying to find items in your storage unit.

wardrobe boxHeavy Duty Packing Tape

Another key packing supply is heavy duty packing tape. You want to ensure you buy durable tape that’s strong and sticky. It’ll also make it easier if you have a proper tape gun to go with it. This way you won’t lose the end of the roll and the tape will dispense a lot easier and quicker.

Fragile Packing Tape

A great way to ensure your breakable items are going to be safe is to purchase a roll of fragile tape. This may seem excessive, however if you don’t want your items damaged, this is a great extra step to take. The tape stands out and helps to avoid breakages as people are aware that the box contains fragile items.

Need a Space can offer you a variety of tapes to suit your needs.

Now You’re Ready to Pack for Self Storage or your Home Move.

These are all essential packing supplies. They will help to ensure your items are stored correctly and avoid damage whilst in self storage. Plus, they’ll also make it easier when you need to locate something within your storage unit.

In addition, any of these packing supplies can be purchased from Need A Space at affordable prices. Our packing options makes us a convenient East Kent Self Storage Facility, offering everything you need right here on site. Stop by to pick up some supplies or pre-purchase them online – it’s that easy!

Looking for Packaging Essentials in East Kent. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us at Need A Space.

Self Storage for Tradesmens Tools & Equipment

Why Tradespeople from Builders, Plumbers to Carpenters use Need A Space Self Storage:

When it comes to tool and equipment storage, there’s no time to mess about. Whether you’re a sole trader, small or medium business, keeping tools and equipment safe should be at the top of your to-do list.

Not only are they expensive to replace but if a tool is broken or stolen, you may also lose out on potential business. That raises the question of where (and how) to store your tools when not in use so here we look at some simple tool storage advice and how Need A Space can help.

Self Storage for Tools and Equipment for all Tradespeople:

As a tradesman, you need your tools with you at all times, or at least in a secure and easily accessible location. If you were to rent business premises, you are likely going to use it mostly for tool storage and that’s not always cost effective.

You are better off renting a self storage unit as the cost is low and easily accessible which makes it incredibly convenient. A self storage facility can essentially help you save on rental fees, property insurance and staffing costs. It offers the ideal solution for all your tool storage needs as you can keep dirty work tools out of the house while giving you easy access as needed. If you choose a storage facility you can even use it as a halfway point of sorts. Here’s how it can work for you.

How Self Storage Can Help When Storing Tools And Equipment:

One of the biggest concerns for tradesmen is storing and transporting tools and equipment but self storage offers a unique solution. Whilst you may not need heavy equipment or loads of tools for every job, what happens when you do?
Many tradespeople simply keep everything in their van but that can be very risky. Even if you lock your van, install an alarm and have the necessary tradesman liability insurance in place, there is always a chance of would-be thieves getting their hands on your expensive tools and equipment.
If you rent a dedicated storage unit, all your tools will stay dry and safe no matter what. You can keep heavy and expensive equipment in the storage unit until you need them and only carry what you most often use in your van. This means there’s a smaller load on your van and less money spent on fuel.

self storage tools

Benefits Of A Storage Unit for tools and equipment:

All types of tradespeople need specific tools, equipment and parts, such as pipes, fittings and other items. Having your own tool storage unit filled with everything you most often need can make your life a lot easier. Here are some of the main benefits of a storage unit:

It provides 24-hour security (and peace of mind).
You can store more items than at home or in the van  It helps avoid running out of parts and being unable to finish a job.
Limits back-and-forth trips to DIY stores and merchants to find what you are looking for.
Employees can get access to your self storage unit so they can get stock whenever they need to and Units with drive-up access make storing heavy or bulky items much easier.
Collect or drop off stock and equipment between jobs, before or after work.

Knowing what you need and what you want to store beforehand is important to keep your business operations running smoothly. Different tools may need different types of boxes, containers, shelves or pegboard. Depending on the item and storage conditions, resealable plastic containers are typically better but you can also use sturdy, good quality cardboard.

Important tips for tool storage and a few things you can do to keep your space more organised:

Create an inventory for different tools and sort them according to category and ideally use a tool storage cabinet with pegboard backing.
Hang baskets or containers on hooks or even arrange some racking for your storage unit.
Maximise vertical tool storage space with wall strips.
Invest in a mobile workbench.
Use the excess space on the end of cabinets or shelves.
Keep nuts and bolts and all smaller parts in clear large jars.

Ideas For Temporarily Keeping Your Tools Safe In Your Car or Van:

Even if you have a storage unit, there are times you don’t have a choice but to keep things in your car. However, there are a few things you can do to keep everything as safe as possible:
Park in well-lit areas with CCTV coverage.
Tint your windows, install an alarm and an immobiliser if not factory fitted.
Display stickers showing that ‘no tools are left in this van overnight’ although thieves still smash a window or peel back a door just to check.
Make sure you have proof of what has been stolen by taking a photo of the van’s fully laden contents which will make an insurance claim much easier.
Take out separate tool insurance which is often easier to claim against and comes with lower excess than van insurance or save on the cost by using storage.

Why Choose Need A Space for your Self Storage

Need A Space is conveniently located just off the A2 between Canterbury and Faversham. Operated by a family run friendly team and the lowest storage rates around. With the latest in high tech security and all our units at ground floor level we have made the process as easy as possible. Contact us on 01227 751673 and find out more.

How to pack and stack your self storage unit

Whether you are experienced at self storage, or are new to renting a storage unit, it might at first appear easy enough to pack your possessions or stock in the storage unit and close the door. However, with some planning and careful packing you can really make the most of the space in your storage unit at Need A Space.

packing self storage

  • Save yourself future problems by coming up with a plan of how you will pack your self-storage unit,  go one step further by creating a little map or plan of where boxes/certain items are. It sounds simple, but make sure that you put the items that you’re going to need most frequently near the front of the storage unit.
  • Always try to label boxes with what room they relate to and ideally a bullet point summary list of the items that are inside.
  • Make the most of vertical space in your unit by only placing shelves around the inner walls of your unit.
  • If you store things that are too heavy on top of one another, the bottom boxes will crumple, so plan your piles!
  • Storing your possessions around the inner walls first will really be such a huge benefit! Try to ensure you leave a space between different rows of items, so you’ll still be able to reach everything when next needed.
  • Once all the boxes are labelled, make sure the labelled area is facing outwards to your walk around space where possible.
  • If you plan to store large furniture such as sofas, wardrobes, beds, try and stand those items upright so they’re taking up more vertical space. This helps you make the most of the higher up space that is often under utilised in storage units.
  • Make sure you properly wrap your furniture before you store it, use mattress and sofa bags to protect your items and keep them clean and dust-free. Do the same for wooden furniture.
  • Protect your belongings by packing them in high quality packaging supplies such as heavy-duty boxes and bubble wrap.
  • Ask us at Need A Space about our packaging materials prior to starting to store. We offer everything from boxes in all sizes, mattress bags, cardboard clothes hanger wardrobes, bubble wrap and all that you could require, as well as of course packaging tape.

If you’re ready to move your belongings into storage, contact us at Need A Space and take advantage of our free expert advice with regard to the size of unit you may require. Our easily accessed facility is just off the A2 between Canterbury and Faversham. All our units are at a ground floor level, with dehumidified indoor options as well as thermally insulated external containers. Combined with the latest in high tech security to keep your possessions safe as well the lowest storage rates around.

Contact Us at Need A Space and find out more, or arrange a site visit, all without obligation, you will find our friendly, family run team headed by Lisa, ready to assist you.




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