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Be safe when moving heavy stuff in self-storage

self-storage Faversahm

At Need A Space self-storage we try to make everything as simple as possible when you want to move and store your precious domestic and business valuables. We provide all the equipment and assets such as forklift truck use, van hire, unloading areas and parking to make the project go as swiftly and easily as possible. We also as much support on site as possible. You will find staff who can offer advice and guidance.

However, as much as we will ensure that your valuables are safe (we use CCTV, high security infrared beams, state of the art alarm systems, and perimeter fencing) we want to make sure you stay physically safe when you may be doing a lot of heavy lifting. So here is our guidance for moving some of that heavy stuff:

Before you consider lifting

Check the route

You need to have an idea as to how far you will be taking the heavy object. Is this something you can manage? Check out the route you will be taking and if there are any obstacles in the way. You do not want to be continuously picking up and putting the object down so wedge doors open where you can. Make sure you are aware of sudden slopes and steps. Especially the small ones.

The easiest hold

Check the item to see if it has easy to hold handles. Even cardboard boxes are sometimes equipped with side handles to make them easier to pick up.

Will you be able to see?

When you pick up the item will it restrict your view? Consider the height of the object and whether you will be able to see in front of you when in hold. If you cannot see clearly in front of you do not attempt to move the object – you will need another method.

Can you cope with the weight?

Is the weight acceptable? If you feel strained on lifting – don’t do it. You either need to move the item with someone else or use a piece of equipment to move it.

Ready your muscles

If moving extra heavy objects, or a lot of objects, it may be a good idea to do some warm up exercises beforehand to avoid cramp.

Lifting safely

Position your feet evenly either side of the object at about shoulder width apart. Squat to the floor by bending the knees. Never bend your back and raise. Take hold of the object and spread the weight evenly – ensure you feel balanced. While keeping the object close to the body straighten your legs to stand up. This way you are not putting strain on any other parts of your body – only your legs. When placing the object down do the process in reverse. Bend at the legs to place the object on the ground.

Based in the heart of Kent, and situated on the outskirts of Faversham and Canterbury, Need A Space is conveniently located for both local county and South London clients. Looking for storage space in Faversham Canterbury or Herne Bay? To learn more about how Need A Space self-storage can help businesses in Kent and the London area click here



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