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Essential Packing Supplies For Self Storage & Moving

Preparing items for storage seems straight forward, right? Well, it isn’t as easy as it seems. Unless you are not too concerned about the well-being of your belongings.

When getting stuff ready for self storage or just packing away things for the winter months. You want to ensure that you pack your items correctly and the best you can. This will help to protect your belongings from potential damage.

But what do you need to ensure you do the job properly? You’ll need the following packing supplies, as well as great packing skills. If you want to unpack your items in the same condition that you packed them away that is.

Boxes, all sizes and shapes including Wardrobe Boxes.

Probably the number 1 packing supply, you’ll need lots of good quality moving boxes. Moving boxes as well as archive boxes can come in all shapes and sizes, as well as quality. Don’t go the cheapest option when buying moving boxes. You don’t want the bottom falling out when you’re walking down the street or anywhere else.

In addition, there are standard moving boxes that are suitable for most things. Along with speciality boxes, like a wardrobe box, which is worth the extra expense.

Also ensure that you don’t pack your boxes too heavy. It’s best to make sure you’re able to safely lift them on your own. If you can’t lift them on your own, you’ve probably over-packed it.

Need A Space offer all these kinds of packing boxes at very competitive prices.

Bubble Wrap

Don’t underestimate the importance of bubble wrap. Bubble wrap will help protect your fragile and more breakable items from potential damage. Plus, it’s great for wrapping up those oddly shaped items.

In addition, try to avoid using old sheets, towels or paper as these materials will not provide the same protection as bubble wrap will.

Labelling Materials / Permanent Marker

Label your items as you pack. You want to be able to identify what’s in each box without having to sift through it. Some people may be happy with using a permanent marker to label their moving boxes and some may prefer proper moving labels It doesn’t necessarily matter how you choose to label your boxes, as long they are labelled clearly. Try to be specific where possible. ie label your archive boxes with filing contents rather than just a generic “Office”. Much easier that way when you are hunting for some car documents for example in your storage unit.

Furthermore, make sure you label your boxes on multiple sides. This will help when trying to find items in your storage unit.

wardrobe boxHeavy Duty Packing Tape

Another key packing supply is heavy duty packing tape. You want to ensure you buy durable tape that’s strong and sticky. It’ll also make it easier if you have a proper tape gun to go with it. This way you won’t lose the end of the roll and the tape will dispense a lot easier and quicker.

Fragile Packing Tape

A great way to ensure your breakable items are going to be safe is to purchase a roll of fragile tape. This may seem excessive, however if you don’t want your items damaged, this is a great extra step to take. The tape stands out and helps to avoid breakages as people are aware that the box contains fragile items.

Need a Space can offer you a variety of tapes to suit your needs.

Now You’re Ready to Pack for Self Storage or your Home Move.

These are all essential packing supplies. They will help to ensure your items are stored correctly and avoid damage whilst in self storage. Plus, they’ll also make it easier when you need to locate something within your storage unit.

In addition, any of these packing supplies can be purchased from Need A Space at affordable prices. Our packing options makes us a convenient East Kent Self Storage Facility, offering everything you need right here on site. Stop by to pick up some supplies or pre-purchase them online – it’s that easy!

Looking for Packaging Essentials in East Kent. Don’t hesitate to Contact Us at Need A Space.

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