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How Need A Space can help London businesses save money now


There is no doubt that when starting-up a business one of the first factors which needs to be taken into consideration – especially if you are providing a physical product – is your location. Your organisation needs to be where your target market is. Of course, in the 21st century, the internet, websites and social media make marketing and communications so much simpler and can turn a restricted area into a global marketplace, but business headquarters still need to be in an accessible location. For the sake of effective product flow, assets, suppliers and distributors need to be accessed with ease and at the least expense.

In the UK there is nowhere quite like London. Just to have a business in London is likely to draw respect, interest, investment and talent. This is all very well – but with large towns and cities, rents are always higher than their rural counterparts. London is the same but on a massive scale.

If you want to have your business in arguably the most commercial region in the UK (if not Europe) then you are going to have to pay for it. For businesses it is the most expensive place to set up and develop. One way the establishment attempts to offset this is by using “London Weighting” (higher salaries than the rest of the UK in comparable occupations if you are working in London) but there still remains the enormous problem of high rents.

How can businesses which need to keep a considerable amount of stock, make healthy profits when they are paying London storage prices?

Need A Space self-storage may have the answer.

Cheaper self-storage in Kent

Situated in the heart of Kent (located on the outskirts of Faversham and Canterbury) Need A Space self-storage facility is within easy reach of the London catchment area which means we can cut storage costs enormously, saving managers huge amounts on their annual budget. Just take a look at some of our facilities:

  • Over 40,000 feet of self-storage space for start-ups and SME’s, to corporate business and global enterprise
  • Free van. We can supply a Luton tail lift van for a whole day to help with large removals and awkward bulky goods.
  • Secure mailbox to filter business communications or create an anonymous business mailing address.
  • Clean dry self-storage units for all your business archives.
  • Flexible working hours means you can access your stored items whenever you wish.
  • Forklift truck services
  • Parking bays and convenient loading bays
  • Friendly staff available for support and advice.
  • Unbeatable security which includes, CCTV, high security infrared beams, state of the art alarm systems and perimeter fencing.

Quality archive storage and cheaper rates

Extra storage is needed only too often in modern business. Documents need to be archived and if this takes place on the main business property it can take up a great deal of useful (and high rental!) property space.

Easy access, flexible opening hours

Businesses which have a seasonal element or use valuable equipment documents and tools for a minimal part of the year will need somewhere to house that paraphernalia somewhere which is secure, and accessible.

Currently we have many business clients who are based in London and have decided to use our storage facilities here in Kent to cut down on overheads such as storage. With all the facilities such as free van hire, forklift truck services and flexible opening hours, our clients know their items will be easy to store and accessible in business hours.

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