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How self-storage can boost your business

self-storageAt Need A Space we provide self-storage both for domestic users and businesses. And its business we want t concentrate on here. We know from the feedback of our customers that offering our self-storage service has a knock-on effect in organizational processes. It’s not just about finding that extra bit of space at competitive rates – this is about streamlining internal systems in order to save money, time and create exciting new opportunities.

How does this happen?


An invisible evil


For many businesses, space can be an invisible evil that insidiously drains time and money. If not properly attended to, a misuse of space can waste physical assets and processes. For instance, a room that is full of archived material could be used as an extra meeting room or an extension which streamlines in-house systems.  When a room is left idle because systems are not picking up on how that room is being used, it is money flying out of the window.


London based


Here in Kent we can offer London firms an extra facility. Self-storage in our capital city is going to be expensive. Based in Canterbury, but also close enough to London, we can offer organisations a big reduction in cost when storing business valuables and commodities and easy access.


Seasonal issues


Companies which have a seasonal element to their work often store commodities, tools and paraphernalia at their own depots or offices. This can often create a great strain on useable assets. Space used to store could perhaps be used in a better way for current processes and seasonal activities. A self-storage facility enables management to re-direct some of those overflow materials to a place where they can be held and accessed easily when the time is right.




Everyday salespeople often have to transport a great deal of presentation materials when they are on the road. There will often be a need to chop and change what they are transporting in relation to the pitch they are making. They may also be visiting different catchment areas. Self-storage allows equipment to be kept in different catchment areas and offer easy access to specific materials at the beginning of the day.


Internet companies


E commerce is so big now, and as small businesses thrive and become bigger businesses there is clearly a need for storage for stock outside of everyday processes. Need A Space offers great storage facilities to help you keep control of that overflow stock.


Looking for storage space in Faversham Canterbury or Herne Bay? To learn more about how Need A Space self-storage can help businesses in Kent and the London area click here






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