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How to maximise space in your self-storage units

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Space to store your valuable business assets or precious valuables costs money and is often in very short supply so you need to make sure that every inch of that space is used to the best possible effect. With that in mind, here are 6 top tips for making the most of your storage area:


  1. Think vertically. There is a tendency when using self-storage to store everything on a single level. This is a terrible waste – you do not want to have to be buying extra units. So before you even start storing, map out what needs to be stored. What can be stacked? You have to think about safety here so ensure that anything on a second or third level cannot topple, sits squarely on goods below and is not too heavy up top. Your bottom level should be the heaviest goods and each level above it should get progressively lighter.


  1. The Tardis effect. Some of the goods you will store are great storage systems in themselves. For instance, a wardrobe, a set of drawers or an appliance such as a fridge or an oven will allow you to store a whole host of things. But the key here is remembering what you have put where, so they are accessible in the future. For instance, fill fridges with a set category: i.e. kitchen goods. Label everything and keep a record as to where you will find everything. Also, as a safety concern, don’t make furniture so heavy that you cannot lift them or have to empty them to get them out again.


  1. Fold it down. A great deal of furniture nowadays is designed to be stored away. Sometimes when we have had furniture in place in our homes for long periods we forget this, so get to grips with folding it down as small as possible. There are all kinds of little techniques you can think of: for instance, even a bed’s legs are removable. Once the legs are taken down it can easily be stored against a wall.


  1. Talking of legs…where furniture needs to be stored in its natural state (i.e. standing up!) use the space between the legs to create a new level of storage.


  1. As much as you want to create as much space as possible do not forget that you need to get back in to retrieve your valuables. So leave space for manoeuvre.


  1. Easy Access. Always place the possessions you are most likely to need most frequently at the front of the storage area for easy accessibility.


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