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How to Store Items During Home Improvements

Home Improvements are sometimes necessary or indeed desirable improvements to maintain or upgrade your home so that your home becomes more convenient, valuable, and personal to you. Planning Home Improvements can be exciting for the whole family; however, that excitement can quickly turn to dread without the proper planning. Renovations inevitably come with a lot of turmoil, disruption, and mess. You will want to steer clear of certain areas in your home during this time while still protecting your existing belongings from exposure to paint, chemicals, sawdust, and more. Therefore, it’s important that you have a plan to safeguard your furniture, supplies, and any items that can potentially be damaged.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the best ways to store your items.

Move Everything Out

First, it’s essential that before you begin, you move out all of your valuable belongings and furniture out of the area undergoing improvements. Not only can things become damaged during the renovations, but people can bump into table corners, trip over items, and hurt themselves if you leave things lying around. Your renovations could be delayed and become even more costly if the builders have to constantly move around your belongings and don’t have enough space to get the job done. You will want a nice, clear area so that the renovations can proceed uninterrupted and without hiccups. Make an effort to move everything out of the area before you begin, and things will go a lot smoother. If a room being worked on has art hanging on the walls, it’s a good idea to remove that as well, since these items can fall and become damaged or hurt someone in the process.


self storage packing advice

Label Boxes for Convenience

All it takes to be organized when packing is a great marker pen and some labels and boxes.  Here at Need A Space we also sell the packaging boxes and materials. Label your boxes according to which room or category they fall into. This will make it much easier to sort through items and find what you’re looking for once the renovation is over. If you are in a tight spot for space, consider using stackable plastic bins instead of cardboard boxes. This way, you can easily store bins on top of each other to save space and carry multiple bins at once, to your self storage unit.

Find a Storage Unit

Suppose you don’t have the space to store your belongings during renovations, and you don’t want to embarrass friends or family members by asking to use their space. In that case, the best option is to rent a self storage unit or container. This is a  great and affordable option, as you will be able to rest assured that your items are safe and secure, with only you having access to them. This way, all of your belongings can stay in one place during the entire renovation process, and you don’t have to worry about items going missing.

Choose Climate-Controlled Units

If you are thinking of using self storage for your renovation process, make sure the unit you choose is climate controlled or thermally insulated, as offered by Need A Space. This is ultimately for the safety and preservation of any furniture and valuable belongings you keep there. Furniture made of certain materials such as leather and wood can become discoloured, warped, and damaged if exposed to humidity or certain temperature fluctuations. Valuables such as artwork, jewellery, electronics, and certain clothing can all succumb to humidity and the outside elements if left for a long period of time. Renovations can sometimes be unpredictable as well and take longer than expected. With a climate-controlled storage unit, your belongings will be kept in pristine condition, as the unit temperature is always stable. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about delays or rush the renovation process. Good things take time, and it’s important to prepare for such flexible timelines when choosing a self storage solution during your home renovation process. Here at Need A Space we make the process even easier with all our storage units being on the ground floor level and we can even offer a free move in van for longer bookings.

Next Steps

Home Improvements can be a difficult and tumultuous time for your whole family. Fortunately, the result is usually well worth the efforts. Make the process easier for both you and your loved ones by using self storage to keep your precious belongings and expensive furniture out of the way. For more information on self storage in East Kent, please call us direct at Need A Space on 01227-751673 or contact us via this site. With our many years of self storage experience we can help you find the best and most convenient storage solution for your needs, all the while fitting within your budget.

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