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Moving home? Save money and reduce stress!

moving homeMoving home can be one of the most exciting and fulfilling things you ever do. But with all the logistics, professionals involved, and transfer of high finances it can also be the most stressful. Some say it is the most stressful action you will ever take. So let’s put a cap on that! We have put together essential tips to make that move just a little bit easier.


An appropriate conveyancing lawyer



  • The legal complexities involved when moving home can be an absolute nightmare. Add to that your most precious financial asset (your home) and the value of your family’s future and it is clear you do not want to be doing this alone whatever cost it will be saving you. Ensure you have obtained a reputable conveyancing lawyer. You can find an appropriate lawyer at the Solicitors Regulation authority or the Council of Licensed Conveyancers.


Budget for the whole process


  • Moving house can be an expensive time and you do not want to be faced with any shock fees half way through the process. It is therefore a good idea to calculate expected expenses at the outset so you can budget properly. Sit down with your Conveyancing lawyer and go through those expected out-goings. Create an on-going excel sheet that highlights monies that are spent and when fees need to be paid.


Self –storage services to help moving


  • One of the most common stresses of moving home is when you are caught in a property chain. Moving into your new home maybe delayed even though you have sold your own home. In these kinds of circumstances you may need to consider storage facilities. Self-storage services allow you to place your valuables at a reduced cost.


Don’t pack last minute


  • Allow yourself time to pack your belongings when it is time to go – don’t make it a last minute project. You will just want to take the possessions you value and need, so use this time to have a purge on what you have. Try to categorise as you store in boxes (for instance kitchen utensils together; lounge ornaments together; bathroom towels together) and label the boxes – it will make unpacking a great deal simpler.


Expect the worst


  • There are likely to be many people involved in your move and they will all have their own unique goals so don’t expect things to happen as smoothly. Tell yourself from the start there are likely to be delays, disappointments and time changes. This way you will be emotionally ready to deal patiently if things go wrong.


Do you know where you’re going to?


  • Moving home can be a long-winded affair. Use that time to get to know your new neighbourhood. The moving day will be very exciting but it will also be quite a transition if you haven’t already put out some feelers. Find out where the closest shops are, where the nearest pub is (spend some nights there!) and let people know you will soon be moving to the area.


The Most important box


  • On the day you move you and your family are going to need to survive when all your possessions are still in boxes. So the most important box you pack is going to be the last one you put in the removals van (so it is easiest to get to). This should contain necessary items that will get you and your family through the day unscathed, such as toiletries, phone chargers, bottles of water, snacks and provisions for hot drinks. It is important to have easy access to the supplies that will keep you well-fed and hydrated on this busy day, and that you have everything readily available so you can fall straight into bed at the end of it.



Need A Space is a self-storage facility based in Canterbury which offers secure storage for people moving home. You can use our Space estimator so you can get a clear idea as to how much space you will need. Let’s start as we mean to go on by saving money! We can help with transport by providing free van hire and you will be welcomed by our friendly staff. CCTV and high security infra-red beams makes sure that your valuables are absolutely safe.  To learn more click here



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