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Need A Space will lockdown as from 24th March 2020

In line with government guidance re the Coronavirus, Need A Space will be on lockdown as from 24th March. That means none of our usual services will be available until we are all out of these difficult times. We believe this is the most effective way to ensure we are playing our part in stopping the spread of the virus, helping the NHS in its delivery of critical cases and – ultimately helping save lives.

It is a strange paradox that at a time when we are all staying as far apart from each other as possible individual communities are coming together to help each other and beat this terrible virus.

For many, everything seems very bleak. Forecasts say that we will be social distancing for sometime, while our leisure facilities (pubs, theatres, sports centres etc.) have been taken away from us. Keeping businesses afloat is also a great worry.  But the government is offering benefits both to employers and employees in an attempt to help businesses cope with the current situation and also bolster the countries economic situation. This is encouraging.

“It may seem as if our lives are going to be put on hold until the time it is safe to go out.  And when that time comes – boy is there’s going to be some great global party!! So that’s something to look forward to! “

Underneath the fear and worry there are good things going on. Many people are finding they are not spending as much money as they would normally, pollution in the environment appears to be reducing, and people have the time to revitalise old hobbies while still keeping in contact with friends and family through the internet and social media. Communities are sparking as volunteers are getting together to help the most vulnerable in our society – people are all working together to help keep the NHS safe and – instead of people bickering with each other playing power games – we are all working together to fight a common enemy

We have been here before and won. For instance, the plague in the 13th and 17th centuries, the Spanish Flu, SARS – we beat them all. This time we have got any even greater chance of beating the virus quickly thanks to past experience, better medical and knowledge, technical knowledge, media and communications.

So hold on! Better times are coming!

Need A Space wishes all our customers safety and health in these difficult times. For further information ring 01227 751673.

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