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Packing a removals van: the Need A Space guide

removals vanWe pride ourselves on being able to provide everything you are going to need to store your precious valuables and business assets here at Need A Space in Canterbury. As well as offering competitive prices for secure storage space, we can also help you with packing materials, supportive staff, a fork lift tuck and mail boxes, we also provide a removals van.

But moving your valuables can be an awe-inspiring task. There is a skill to loading up a removals van so that you use your space and time efficiently and do not risk breaks, loss and damages. With that in mind here are our top tips for getting your removals to storage safe and sound:

  1. Don’t try and do all of the lifting and loading onto the van yourself. If you are going to be dealing with heavyweight commodities make sure you have assistance from individuals who are able to deal with the weights involved over a long period of time. Don’t forget you will be moving out, loading, unloading and storing. This can be a long and tiring process and needs to be done in one hit where possible or you could have to pay more in van hire. Consider having individuals on the van for loading and others for shifting stuff out to the van.
  2. In order to maximize your space, fill the front of the van first and work back.
  3. Keep white goods such as fridges, dishwashers and ovens etc upright (make sure the fridge was de-frosted at least two days before). Spread the weight of the heavier items throughout the van.
  4. To use ceiling space you are going to need to stack items. Always place the heaviest items on the bottom. Make sure each item is secure with a straps, tapes or cords.
  5. Use softer items to protect more vulnerable items. For instance, you can use sofa cushions to protect mirrors. Other useful domestic items which can be used for packing if you are moving house are mattresses, blankets, and pillows.
  6. Where items have drawers (i.e. chest of drawers), push them up against the side of the van and turn inwards to the van wall. This way the drawers cannot open. Save space again by filling the drawers with smaller items.
  7. Label all your boxes and stack them so the heaviest boxes are at the bottom. Ensure all boxes are wedged or strapped in tightly.

Hope this helps! Please do not hesitate to ask our supportive staff for guidance!

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