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Packing tips for a safe house move!



There is sometimes a tendency to focus entirely on getting everything packed in the smallest number of boxes whatever the cost. Not only could this be a problem with the overall process and increase cost (see below) but you could also be putting your own health at risk. You may have professional movers to help you move the stuff n the big day, but it is likely you are going to need to move stuff around to make it accessible when you finally move. You will be doing a lot of lifting in a short period of time. Make sure you understand safe lifting principles, so you don’t do yourself a mischief! Take a look here for further info.


A box is more than just a box


Cardboard boxes have had a bit of a bad press, but as with everything, if you buy cheap expect to get what you pay for. Don’t forget the box not only needs to hold your valuables it needs to be able to withstand transit and other boxes or objects being placed upon it. Take a look at our online box supplies. Also, your average common or garden box comes in different strengths as well as sizes. A large box that is also quite weak is a problem because you may only be able to fill a portion of it before the cardboard begins to strain. Also, if the box is big and too heavy it maybe too difficult to lift. Sometimes small strong boxes are the best option.


Secure those flaps


Many boxes are designed to have interlocking flaps but this is not secure on its own and can make the box weak when moved from place to place. Always use strong quality tape to stick down open ends of the box (and the bottom)


Don’t have a smashing time!


With breakables such as glass, porcelain and crockery it is a good idea to bed the bottom of the box first of all with scrunched up paper. Cover this layer with a layer of paper and start packing your heaviest items by wrapping them well in newspaper. Between each layer of articles place a layer of scrunched up paper. At the top should be your smaller lighter items.


Name that box!


Don’t forget you need to know where everything is for easy access at any time within your self-storage unit, so label each box. Try and ensure contents of each box have some relevance to each other for easy labelling.


Get the right filler


You need filler within the boxes to prevent your valuables colliding with each other in transit and to prevent the box crushing easily. Use filler such as bubble wrap to take up that extra space. Remember only to use proper filler material as it could get into the workings of appliances.


Think digital safety

Protect monitors, screens, scanner glass and other fragile parts with cardboard or pieces of bubble wrap or foam and tape. Mark glass parts as fragile to avoid leaning heavy objects against them.

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