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Save money by making the most from self-storage

Self-storage really can offer great ways to store your domestic valuables and business assets at ridiculously low prices. And it is all so easy. Just find a storage provider near you, rent out a unit, fill it up and relax. That’s it. The self-storage company will keep it safe and accessible for when you need to get to your stuff again.

Ok that’s easy, but there are ways to make the storage process even more streamlined and in the long run – save even more money. Take a look at our clever ideas for making more room in your unit, store your valuables safely and make the best of what is open to you:

  1. First of all, a cardboard box may seem boring, but they are not all the same. The cheaper cardboard boxes, or the ones you are likely to get free from supermarkets tend to be very weak. They will crush easily and so will not protect your valuables well -especially if they are going to be stacked. Invest in double strength cardboard boxes. They are more resilient and longer lasting too. Think about the size of the box. You may be able to get more in a big box but heavy boxes are difficult to carry and move around. Smaller boxes are easier to transport and easier to stack.


  1. You may be storing temporarily or for long-term. Either way it is likely you may need access to some of your storage sometime. So organise your storage. Try to keep to certain categories in each box and label what each box contains. Divide up your unit space so that certain categories can be found easily. Leave an aisle between your valuables so everything is accessible and keep a map of where categories can be found.


  1. Us the storage space you already have. If you have luggage, or dressers and wardrobes with drawers, use this space to store your smaller valuables.


  1. Nowadays most furniture can be disassembled to a degree. This can really offer a great deal more space in your unit. But be careful. When they were originally assembled you had a manual. Now you have to rely on common sense. Keeping a disassembly cheat sheet is essential. Don’t forget to keep screws bolts and nuts somewhere safe.


  1. Blankets, sheets and cloths can take up a lot of space. Vacuum bags keep your belongings neat and tidy and also very flat – therefore creating much more room. Your valuables are also now protected from dust and damp.


Whatever the reason you need that little bit of extra space – self -storage can provide the answer and at a price you can afford. It is flexible to allow access at any time and offers the kind of security that gives you peace of mind. To learn more about Need A Space based in Faversham in Kent click here


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