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Security is an essential factor for Self-Storage

secutityTrusting your valuables with a company you know very little about can be very anxiety provoking if you do not do your research properly beforehand. Here at Need A Space our experience of twenty years has told us that the reason we have loyal clients who continuously come back to us is because security, privacy, and confidentiality at the core of our of our services.

Safe storage for precious valuables and business assets

For both businesses and domestic clients alike, the valuables placed with us in storage is not the overspill that should really be going in the loft before it’s thrown out. They tend to be important assets that owners need access to.  It could be valuable assets as a company grows, essential materials for sales to help with geographical issues, it could be business archives, or furniture during a house sale – the list is endless.

Need A Space self-storage is based in Canterbury in Kent and we service such areas as Faversham, Herne Bay and surrounding locations. We also welcome clients from London who are looking for cheaper self-storage deals outside of the City. But how do you find a company you can trust if you are located outside of these areas? Here are a few factors we employ and we would recommend you look out for in your search.

  1. Have they been passed by “checkatrade”? This is a great place to start as any company that has this logo on their stationary or website needs to keep up to standards made by this review company.
  2. How many keys are there to your storage unit/s? For ultimate safety there should only be one key which you will hold yourself.
  3. How does the company ensure security over the whole facility? Do they take it seriously? At Need A Space we have a CCTV surveillance security system operating inside and out 24/7.
  4. How does the company deal with emergencies such as an attempted break-in or fire prevention? There should be both robust burglar alarm and fire systems.
  5. Is the company using the most up to date technology? Here at Need A Space we recently installed high security infra-red beams as an extra layer of safety.
  6. Can anyone get into the facility unnoticed? There should be powerful structures to keep unwanted persons out. You should be seeing something like security fencing around the outside of the storage facility.

It’s always worth looking for those important accessories. At Need A Space we also offer secure mailboxes. This is useful when your own domestic postal address is not safe or you are in transition, or as a secondary safe mail address for your business.

Looking for storage space in Faversham Canterbury or Herne Bay? To learn more about how Need A Space self-storage can help businesses in Kent and the London area click here






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