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Self Storage Helping Businesses Transition Online

Need A Space are at the forefront in assisting businesses across East Kent with the transition to online.

The number of online businesses continues it’s rapid increase. During the first Covid lockdown we saw a boom like no other; more than 85,000 businesses launched online stores or joined an online marketplace in the first four months after the first lockdown last, says Growth Intelligence.

Businesses need to be more agile and able to adapt to these circumstances. Self-storage plays an essential role in this, but just how is Need A Space helping businesses move online across Kent?

Helping you Lower Overheads

Need A Space offers a wide range of storage spaces at great prices. If you wish to start trading online, a self-storage unit will allow you to store your stock, safely and securely. With unit sizes to suit your business’s requirements, our storage facilities are ideal for those who want to store stock, expand or need more space for their stock.

We do not charge business rates, utility bills or security fees. The money you save can be invested in your business instead.

We also have an ‘easy in, easy out’ flexible agreement, which means you only rent as much space as you need and for only as long as you need it. In unpredictable times, you want to minimize your financial exposure and using storage space means you can reduce your high street presence.

What’s more, just one month’s notice is required, you really can reduce your overheads and with our fixed rates you know exactly where you stand with your cash flow.



self storage in herne bay

Creating Space

If you run an online business, it can be challenging to store your inventory without business premises.

But, with a flexible unit, you do not have to rely on storing boxes and packages at home. At Need A Space, you will find storage units of many different sizes, meaning you can easily find one that is as big or as small as you require – and available when you need it. You can scale your unit up or down to suit your supply chain too.

Use Storage as a Fulfilment Centre

Our storage units are not just ideal for keeping stock. You can request packaging materials that we offer and we can  advise on organising your space as you need it so it becomes a great space for your mini fulfilment centre too. You can pack and label your items with ease, ship boxes to where they need to go and stay organised with a space designed for business.

You will find everything you need at Need A Space – so you can move your business online with minimal disruption and just as fast as you can launch your website. Simply move in to start taking advantage of our units.

Get A Mailing Address Parcel Service

Not just storage units, we offer mailing address services for business as well as post boxes on site. By arrangement we can even handle your inwards and outwards parcel and packages requirements with couriers. Businesses must be flexible in the current environment and Need A Space is right there with you. Our flexibility means we adapt to you, not the other way around.

We offer the best deals on self storage to be found anywhere in East Kent. This means you will not be tied down into long-term contracts – useful for both start-ups and well-established companies, as it gives you the control you need to run your business as you see fit and control costs.

You can also scale up to a bigger unit or to downsize any time you want. We make it easy for you, so you can focus on what matters: your business.

Reduce Your Retail Space

Self-storage units make it easier for businesses to move online because they eliminate the need for retail space. If you do not want to keep paying rent for premises you are not using fully or simply want to change the way you operate, you can rely on storage units to provide the space you need.

It does not matter if you are an eBay or Amazon seller, a YouTube business or anything else in-between; a self-storage unit has multiple uses. Of course, it can be used to store your merchandise, but our business customers use their space in many ways.

Need A Space is perfect for those seeking self storage, since you can save on rent while benefiting from a goods in service and lengthy access hours or combine your storage with other services including our mailing address offers.

Enjoy Fully Secure Storage Facilities

Security is top priority on your list of things you want from a storage facility. At Need A Space, you can have peace of mind knowing that your possessions are safe at all times due to our 24-hour security system, access gate entry controls, intruder alarm systems, laser beams and superb fire and safety precautions.

Our storage facility is also up to date on COVID restrictions guidance. We wear face coverings while still providing a friendly service and there is a sanitisation station located in our office as well as protective screening. We also deep clean to ensure that the most touched areas are cleaned regularly, like PIN pads, card machines, door handles and more.

Why is Need A Space the Right Option?

In short, our storage facilities offer clean, modern units for all your business needs, be it the offsite stock room or traditional large space storage. All of our units or containers feature ground floor access for your stock. With the lowest rates around, ideal for businesses who are starting up and don’t need a high street presence or for those that need to scale down or move their business online.

Whether you no longer need retail space or you are setting up an online business, we give you the flexibility you need along with top security and family run friendly service.


Contact Us at Need A Space today and see how we can assist you…

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