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Space saving guide for your home

Saving Space at home with storage hacks:

Need A Space offer a full range of self storage options, here we offer a handy guide to create space at home prior to utilising self storage. As your local East Kent self storage experts, do also consider taking advantage of our many years of experience with how to make the most of self storage space in one of our units.

The idea behind storage hacks are creative, unconventional ways to make your space work a little bit harder and help keep your space tidy. So, whether you’re in the process of moving and will have a little less storage or are simply trying to make a little more room where you already are, check out our list of space saving hacks.

Utilise Space better with bookcases

Installing bookcases is among the simplest and most effective DIY tasks. Whether in the bathroom for towel storage, in the bedroom for your book collection, or anywhere else in the house, shelves are an aesthetically pleasing and functional addition to almost any room. However, you can go well beyond the shelves themselves. For instance, consider adding hooks – either adhesive or screw-in – under a shelf. This is a great way to store lightweight items like mugs or hand towels in otherwise unused space. If you’re renting and can’t put holes in the walls, consider a freestanding bookcase.

Many space saving hacks are reminders that storage doesn’t have to be used as intended – and shelving is no exception. Narrow shelving with a ledge, typically used to display books, is a great option for displaying indoor plants. Similarly, spice racks can make a wonderful display stand for books, ideal for little ones who want to keep their favourite picture book within reach at all times.

organising space at home

Storage Boxes, Crates and Cupboards

Interior Designers advise using mini-crates and furniture boxes for storing items in cupboards. Group items together; spices and herbs, first aid stuff and medicine, bathroom cleaning gear, kitchen cleaning gear, shoe cleaning products, water bottles. Vegetables and your basics such as pasta and rice also work in larger versions of these. As well as extending storage space, keeping boxes in your cupboards also makes it easier to get at items at the back that would otherwise be extremely hard to reach without unpacking the whole cupboard. Magazine holders are brilliant in cupboard organisation for larger and longer items such as rolls of cling film, foil, baking paper, chopping boards.

Wardrobes and Rails storage options

With a little creativity and a pair of pliers, you can transform a wire clothes hanger into a shoe hanger, freeing up space at the bottom of the wardrobe. Don’t forget about the wardrobe doors, either. If there’s a little gap between the contents of the wardrobe and the doors, you can affix hooks to the door to buy you a little extra space.

In a wardrobe you can use crates or boxes to bundle items such as socks, knickers, bras and sleepwear, if you don’t have lots of drawers to use. If you need additional storage in a sitting room, look for wooden chests or boxes that you can double up as coffee tables or lamp stands.

Storage Furniture uses

Design Consultants offer some furniture-based storage hacks. Maximising the space you have through furniture design is one of the smartest ways of organising the items you don’t need on display all the time. Storing items under the bed is something most of us can relate to. There’s a difference though, between shoving stuff under there in an out of sight state of mind to storing these things properly.

A really simple method of organising that we can all get on board with is using budget plastic storage boxes that slot easily underneath most beds. The majority come with lids so you can avoid dust gathering on said items. A day bed is a great option for a smaller room if you’re after a stylish more permanent option – these come with drawers built-in and the beds are designed to go next to the wall. They can be used for seating in the day and transform into a comfy bed for the night-time.

Remember to declutter and relocate to self storage all the excess items

Storage hacks can only do so much. At a certain point, you just need to declutter. Have a good clear out, be ruthless. If it’s in the kitchen and you haven’t used it for over 12 months do you really need it?  Sell what you can on eBay and other selling sites to raise funds to improve your storage elsewhere. Or send it to the charity shop and feel good that someone else is getting use out of it.

If you are ready to declutter, but just can’t part with your beloved belongings do not hesitate to contact Need A Space and take advantage of our many years of experience with self storage.

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