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The Need A Space quick removals guide

removals guideNeed A Space offers more than just self-storage. Our team is well aware that many of the customers using our facilities are often going through the biggest and most stressful project of their lives. That is why, as well as offering a van for rent, we also offer a highly professional and cost-effective removals service. We want to get you there with as little stress as possible and with your budget still intact.

But we hope we can offer you great guidance as well. You can see advice about moving on the big day on the removals page on our website – but preparation needs to start long before that. So, lets look at the factors you need to have in place as you approach the big day:

  1. Pets get stressed too

How can you make it as easy as possible for them? Consider placing them in kennels or a cattery in the area where you will be located. This way they will not feel the impact of the big change so much on the big day. Also, if there are smells (toys, favourite blankets etc) in the new house from the old home – this will help them to settle in much faster.

  1. Leave the kitchen sink

This is a great time to sift through your possessions and decide what you want to keep. This does not necessarily mean you will be throwing stuff away. Consider sending valuables to charity or putting them up for sale to make an extra bit of money.

  1. Packing up

Start packing up well in advance of the moving date. The best strategy is to go through the house room by room and leave the rooms you use most (like the kitchen, bedroom and bathroom) until last. Label each box with its contents and where it will be going in the new home.

  1. I know where I’m going…

Make sure you distribute your change of address and contact details to your friends and companies who will be still offering a service at your new address. Take advantage of the Royal Mail re-location service which for a small fee will, for an agreed period, redirect post to your new address.

  1. Arrange for meter readings and service disconnections

You are going to need to disconnect fundamental supply’s such as energy and water. You may need to arrange these in advance as you do not particularly want it all to happen on the day you leave. Get your final meter readings.

  1. Think digital

If you rely on broadband and digital services make sure that they are available and can be set up easily at your new home.

  1. Organize how your stuff will be packed

Liaise with your removals company. They should come out to you, in order to get a good idea as to how much has to be moved and the type of possessions that need to be transported. For instance, some companies have a special clothes rail on board. Check out how they will transport your most vulnerable assets.

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