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Top 10 tips for packing a removals van

removals vanThe more you repeat an activity, the easier it becomes and the more skilled you are at doing it. Unfortunately, (or perhaps we should say fortunately due to all the stress involved) moving home is one of those things you do not do on a regular basis. The majority of people will not have to go through it more than 2 or 3 times in their lives. So, at a time when you need to cut costs, look after your most valuable possessions and take your life up by the roots, here is a little guidance to make sure you stay on track.

When looking at the physical side of moving we tend to concentrate on the movement of valuables from the old house to the van and the movement from the van to the new house. Why should you worry too much about the van when professionals are involved? Funnily enough, we do still worry when our precious possessions are in the hands of someone else. The fact is you can cut the cost of moving by using your own van. Here at Need A Space, we offer the use of a free van when you use our storage facilities for a period of two months.

So, if you are going to do the moving yourself or want to make sure Mr Shifter is doing his job right or if you are moving valuables for storage often, here are a few tips to get you on your way:

  1. Loading onto the van, arranging where the items will go and taking the items off the other end can be physically exhausting. Especially when you are dealing with heavy stuff. Make sure you understand how to lift safely and will not overstretch yourself. It is a good idea to have a friend or colleague who can spread the load.


It is also likely to be time-consuming, so get a good idea how long it is going to take to load, unload and store, so you can pace yourself and keep the cost of the van hire as low as possible.


  1. To maximize space, fill the front of the van first and work back.


  1. Keep white goods such as fridges, dishwashers and ovens etc upright (make sure the fridge was de-frosted at least two days before). Spread the weight of the heavier items throughout the van.


  1. To use ceiling space, you are going to need to stack items. Always place the heaviest items on the bottom. Make sure each item is secure with a straps, tapes or cords.


  1. Use soft items such as cushions, duvets, etc. to protect more vulnerable items such as mirrors.


  1. Turn furniture with drawers towards the wall of the van. This way drawers will not open and put the chest of drawers at risk of becoming unstable. However, it is also useful to tape drawers shut for extra safety.


  1. Utilise the bigger furniture to transport the little stuff. For instance, the drawers under your bed can be used to great effect.


  1. Label all boxes and stack them so the heaviest boxes are at the bottom. Ensure all boxes are wedged or strapped in tightly.


  1. Pack the kettle and cups last (or other items you will need first on arrival) so they are easy to get to.
  2. Don’t take any risks with a large vehicle you do not feel safe in driving. Make sure you have an appropriate licence and it is highly recommended you take the van out first to get used to the overall feel of the drive before you start packing.


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