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Top storage tips from Need A Space

storage herne bayOften when choosing a new home, we may not give a lot of time to thinking about the amount of storage space we will need. Instead we tend to be seduced by conservatories, plush fitted kitchens, en-suite bedrooms and fashionable dining rooms. It is only when we are trying to fit our old house into the new space that we may get a nasty shock and have to be super-creative in making everything fit. So here are a few simple tips from Need A Space to help you turn that diminishing space into a regular Tardis:

  1. Organise that mass of Scarves and ties

Ties and scarves are funny things. One minute you can’t find one for love nor money – the next they seem to be taking over the house. Organise them so they are all located in one place. Wardrobe too full? All you need is a couple of towel bars and some shower rings. They go nice and easy on the back of a door and you know where they all are!

  1. Buy a bed with storage area underneath

Don’t just think about how comfy that mattress is going to be or whether you should have a TV electronically appearing at the bottom of the bed. Make sure you have space under the bed to store stuff or buy a bed that at least has Draws to put clothes in etc.

  1. Sit and store: ottoman and garden bench

Think about storage whenever you are buying for your new home. For instance, that ottoman can double as a laundry basket and can also be a pretty cool place to sit too. The same goes for that new garden bench which offers a place for your garden tools underneath the seating area.

  1. Wall TV

Here’s an idea. We sit glued to it every night, yet we still forget how much space the TV is likely to be taking up. It probably came with a mounting bracket, so why not take it off the floor and put it on your wall right out the way – but looking even better.

  1. Kids toy chest

When the floor is cluttered the size of the house seems to get smaller and smaller. Kids toys can be a main culprit for the chaos. Why not get them their own Toy chest which they will treasure and hopefully use to tidy up after themselves.

  1. Pot rack or ceiling hooks

Frustration arises when you have a beautiful kitchen but there is just not enough cupboard space. Look to the walls and the ceiling. A pot rack or hooks in the ceiling to hold pots can create more space and give your kitchen character at the same time.

  1. Garden tool rack

All too often sheds start bursting at the seams far too early. The key is to use the walls for garden racks, individual hooks for garden tools and sheds for that cornucopia of stuff you never really use.

  1. Wall mounted shelves for those books and ornaments

You don’t have to splash out on a display cabinet or expensive bookcase to provide a place for your books and ornaments. A handy shelf here and a cute shelf there can show your valuables and priceless books off and make floor space at the same time.

  1. Use that alcove

Architects are forever coming up with new designs. Square rooms are a thing of the past – but now we may find the odd alcove is not being used to its best benefit. The answer is to build a bookcase or set of drawers into the space. And don’t forget under the stairs too!

Need A Space offers self-storage at highly competitive prices in Kent…for the bits that just wont fit but are too good to let go! To learn more, click here








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