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Top uses for self-storage in business and residential

self storageStorage space in your home

Make this a priority factor for your new home. I recently made the decision to move to a new home in Anglesey. The move was a great success but there was one disappointment with our new-build house: no storage space. How could I have missed this essential asset? Probably because space is pretty boring. The kind of things which attract us to a new home are the amount of rooms, the location, how high the council tax will be, does it have double glazing, what fixtures and fittings will remain etc. Because storage space is all about those things that stay out of sight, its only when there is nowhere to put the unsightly-rarely used stuff that they really become a great problem!

Moving home

Always a stressful and longwinded activity, self-storage can offer that extra solution when there is either an overflow of furniture in your new home or, if you need to keep some of your furniture from your previous home temporarily – self-storage is flexible enough.

Business self-storage

As a business owner, your greatest investment is likely to be in stocking your product. You will also perhaps need a store for office equipment when it is needed. If your business is thriving and growing but not yet ready for new premises you need to free up space to make room for your expansion. If your business is seasonal or if you are a salesman travelling with a large itinerary, a place to keep all your assets is essential.

The travellers’ piece of mind

If you are the kind of person who loves travelling, then you need to know that your valuables will be safe when you get back. A great benefit of the self-storage route is you know your precious assets will be secure under more than just a front door key.

Security and flexibility while learning

Students (and sometimes teachers) have to deal with terms, half-terms and holidays. While they may rent their accommodation when studying away from home, they are likely to be needing to store their valuables when they return home.

Time to de-clutter!

And what better than a spring clean? As the family grows and there are more hungry mouths at the table it often seems like space is at a premium.  We have all been in that frustrating situation where you can’t open a cupboard door without everything falling out of it – and half of the stuff in there you never use anyway! Time to move the useless stuff out so you can start functioning again.


Downsizing has become the trend – especially later on in life – so self-storage is the perfect solution to ensuring that you can still hang on to those most precious things you hold most dear.

The list is endless. Whatever the reason you need that little bit of extra space – self -storage can provide the answer and at a price you can afford. It is flexible to allow access at any time and offers the kind of security that gives you peace of mind. To learn more about Need A Space based in Faversham in Kent click here


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