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Working from home could save space and money for your business

workingfromhomeWe can all get too familiar with the work environment we work in. At best, it makes it cosy and safe and it allows us to work at least without having to deal with the stresses of navigating new office boundaries or searching out exactly where they keep the paper-clips now. But the downside is, especially for management, there is a failure to consistently make the most of the space available to employees. In order for there to be a healthy work place, company growth and the most made of a restricted budget, there is a need for constant monitoring of how daily processes take place.

In the 21st century, how and where we work is constantly changing. Technology and instant communications is freeing us from the restrictions of the office and more people are working from home. According to statistics released by the Office for National Statistics, between 1998 and 2014, the number of people working from home has doubled. Some employees (mostly self-employed professionals) work totally from home, but there has been a real rise in employees sharing work time between the office and from home.

Streamlining work processes

This has streamlined office processes in a great many ways, but most of all it has effectively reduced overall company costs. At the same time, as making processes more effective, it is also making the office environment more acceptable. With more space available, offices are calmer, more relaxed, and meet health and safety standards easily.

It also means company management can also consider how that space is freed up further. Is there in fact, a need for an office at all? The “digital cloud” has become a part of everyday processes in businesses just like the fax machine was in the eighties. Now, along with the fact that employees have the necessary technology in their own homes, documents which would normally be kept as hard copy can actually be filed away seamlessly in hyperspace. The need for huge office space is reducing and with this, the cost of rent and associated costs can be removed.

Time to get out?

However, there is still a need for documents which need archiving. There is still a need to store assets which will be sold in the future, there is a need to store seasonal assets or assets which are used on an infrequent basis. At this point company owners take a deep sigh and decide the rent for that huge building just isn’t going to go away.

But think again. Another new service which is now highly popular for businesses is self-storage. Now you can store the smaller assets and assets you wish to archive in a lock up unit that could cost a tenth of renting a building and force you to re-visit overall business costs.

Do yourself a favour – be honest with yourself – how much money is being wasted on a daily basis at your office?

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